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  • 3 parts cornmeal
  • 1 part sugar
  • 1 part boric acid


Mix it up and put about a tablespoon in a few jar lids (baby food lids are perfect) and stash the lids where you know you have roach traffic.  Roaches enter your house via little holes in the walls behind cabinets and appliances, like where your gas or water lines enter your house.  So, stash the lids at the back of cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms and under the stove or fridge.  The roaches are attracted to the sugar, wander across the sweet concoction and the boric acid will stick to their spiky little legs.  The acid is corrosive to their exoskeletons and they carry it back to their nests where whole families are exterminated.

This recipe is relatively healthy if you do not have an exoskeleton — boric acid is mild and is used in eye washes and vaginal douches (yup, I just said vaginal douches).  Your kids and pets would need to ingest a LOT of it to do any harm.   It’s also quite cheap and you can buy it on amazon.

We used to have GIANT roaches in our house.  Their poop was so big that it could be easily mistaken for mouse poop. In fact, we were convinced that we had a mouse infestation before I looked up pictures of poop on the internet.  2 years ago I put out about 6 lids of bait and the roaches have not returned.

If you’re curious about the differences between roach and mouse poop: roach poop has barely visible striations along the length of the poop and the ends looks like they’ve been chopped off.  Mouse poo, on the other hand, is tapered at each end.


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