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Finally, something different to do with the beets from my Farmhouse box.  Beet and buttermilk soup.  It’s cold.  It’s refreshing.  It delivers the buttermilk in hyper pink splendor.

Cook the beets (boil, bake, or roast), let them cool, then slip off the skins.  Then mash them in the Cuisinart (or blender or immersion hand blender) and pour in buttermilk and broth (chicken, veggie or beef) until you’ve reached the desired consistency and balance.  It’s a taste-as-you-blend kind of thing to get the right proportion of ingredients.

Dill would be a nice topper, but is not necessary.

I think the key for beet soup is to completely liquefy the beets so they don’t seem chunky.  The Cuisinart did an OK job, but I will try my blender next time.


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