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Hey.   Does anyone else find it really annoying when you click on a link, thinking it’s an HTML page, then it turns out to be an effing PDF?  You think you’re going to see a new browser tab open, but instead, here comes ole fatty Adobe and your download director and you have to wait a good 6 dreadful seconds for the effing PDF to download and open?  And when it opens, it does not necessarily fit your full screen and once you resize the window, you then have to decrease the page size so you can see a whole page at once?  STAB!!

Well, I’ve been looking at a lot of restaurant menus online lately and have noticed that’s it’s pretty standard for menus to be in the effing PDF format.  Worse, menus are divided up into several different effing PDFs, like Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Bar, Dessert.  Hopefully you didn’t just click on each of those menus, but those are real live sample effing PDF menus from Lamberts, who can’t be bothered to combine all 5 into a single effing PDF.

One somewhat helpful tool is the Firefox PDF Download Addon von Nitro PDF Software that throws a popup when you click on a PDF link and gives you the option of bailing altogether or viewing the document as  HTML.  Viewing in HTML also sucks, since it’s not always properly formatted and there is an ad for the effing PDF conversion tool at the top of the page.

Just say NO to PDF!


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