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Check out this gross thing I heard about the chicken industry.  This info is from my mom’s bff’s daughter-in-law who knows a guy who works for a chicken farm, so it’s a totally reliable source.  Apparently, if a chicken has a disease that affects it’s legs, it’s ok for chicken farmers to just throw the legs away and sell the breast, and that’s a pretty common thing.  Yuck!

While it’s legal to sell OK-looking parts from diseased chickens who have not-OK looking other parts, it’s illegal to sell a whole chicken that is diseased.  So, my source’s advice was to always buy your chicken whole and cut it up to get the parts you want.

My mom started doing this and is psyched that she gets a bonus part that you normally don’t get when you buy parts at the store– the back.  She grills her chicken back and gleans all the meat off that thing.  My mom can glean meat like no other.

Moral of the story is, eat more pork!


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